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The Mission

Normandy Allies Inc. perpetuates the memory of Allied accomplishments and sacrifices in World War II, primarily through study trips to Normandy, the newsletter Amiti, and the website
The organization was founded in 1997 to promote greater historical understanding of the 1944 liberation of Normandy and the subsequent reconstruction of France.
Normandy Allies Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers.

What is the International Experience?

An annual journey not for the ordinary tourist but for those who wish to learn in in greater depth about Normandy, past and present.
The days are intensive and rich with meaning as we talk with historians and eyewitnesses.
We go to learn, we return knowing that…

We will never forget…

A pledge for the future rooted in an extraordinary gift of service to the people of the world.
The Allied Forces who landed on the Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944 brought liberty to Normandy and changed the world…

…The people of Normandy who after years of occupation and the violence of war rebuilt their land and demonstrated the benefit of shared labor...

… from many nations, people united in a common endeavor yielding uncommon results…

Today our world again calls for this witness to the resilience of the human spirit in its commitment to the common good.
Normandy Allies, working in friendship with military and civil organizations in the United States and France, responds to this call.

The Program

Normandy Allies International Experience creates a learning community for students, teachers, veterans, and other adults. We welcome all who are interested in an opportunity to visit significant sites and spend time with historians and civilians who can deepen the understanding of the Normandy Experience.
Participants will be invited to explore the stories of the ordinary soldiers and civilians caught up in the extraordinary events that signaled the end of World War II. These histories bear witness to the power of a shared goal, the benefits of working for the common good and
the vitality of stretching beyond one’s own limits and expectations in order to serve a common purpose.

Normandy Allies International Experience Basic Itinerary:

Day One: Arrival in Paris, coach to Bayeux, afternoon rest, evening opening dinner
Day Two: Orientation Session with historians; Walking tour of Bayeux sites
Day Three: Caen Memorial to the Peace; Pegasus Bridge; Abbaye d’Ardenne
Day Four: Arromanches Circular Theater and Mulberry Museum; Longues s/Mer Battery; Gold and Sword Beaches;
the Canadian Centre at Juno; boat trip to view Omaha Beach from the water
Day Five: Pointe du Hoc; Graignes; La Fire; Vierville s/Mer and French witnesses to the Liberation
Day Six: Omaha Beach; Normandy American Military Cemetery at Colleville
Day Seven: Utah Beach and Museum; Sainte Mere Eglise and the Airborne Museum
Day Eight: Saint Lo (coincides with annual Commemoration of Liberation); Wall of Remembrance; Bocage areas
Day Nine: La Cambe German Military Graveyard; Chateau de Colombires and marshlands; Trevires and
French witnesses to the Liberation
Day Ten: Paris Visit

Contact us for the current schedule and rates

FAQ: Who can participate?
Students ages 16-19 receive special benefits and rates. The student must be:
Highly motivated
Adventurous spirit
Potential leaders
B average or equivalent

Teachers seeking to enliven and update their curriculums.
Veterans revisiting their wartime sites (special rates apply for World War II veterans)
Any one seeking a deeper understanding of the events that occurred in Normandy in 1944

FAQ: How do I apply as a student or register as an adult?
Visit our website at
Write us at: Normandy Allies, Inc.  PO Box 1332  Pittsford NY 14534
Email: or
Call us at:  585-748-2357

FAQ: Are Travel Grants available?
Yes. The Student Information Packet will provide specific information on deadlines, incentive awards, and travel grants for the next International Experience.
For your packet, contact or
Include your postal mailing address as this is in print form.

FAQ: Can you add me to your newsletter mailing list and what is the charge?
Yes, we are happy to add you to our newsletter mailings. There is no charge, however donations are greatly appreciated and will
support all of our work.
Amiti is in print format.  Send your postal mailing address or or
Normandy Allies, Inc.  PO Box 1332  Pittsford NY 14534  USA.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next International Experience!

Normandy Allies, Inc.

PO Box 1332

Pittsford NY 14534

Voice: (585) 748-2357

e-mail: or

Preamble: To perpetuate the friendships we cherish; to keep alive the spirit that never knew defeat;
to glorify our dead, and to further keep before our country, the record of the 29th Division in all the wars;
we associate ourselves in an organization
known as the 29th Division Association.