The 729th Maintenance Battalion became associated with the 29th Division just prior to the Second World War.    However, some of its subordinate units were part of the 29th Division going to the First World War.

The unit was first known as Company D, 104th Quartermaster Regiment and was organized at Fort Richie, Cascade, MD in May of 1937.  It was redesignated Company E, 104th Quartermaster Regiment in 1939.  Along with the rest of the 29th Division, it was inducted into Federal service on 3 Feb 1941 and eventually redesignated yet again as the 729th Ordinance Light Maintenance Company in 1942 and then embarked for the European Theater of Operations (ETO) from New York on 27 September 1942.

It supported the 29th Division through the duration of World War II with maintenance activities and participated in the D-Day landings.

It moved to Havre De Grace in 1951 and then expanded into the 729th Ordnance Battalion in 1953.

Upon the deactivation of the 29th Division in 1968, the unit consolidated with Company D, 729th Maintenance Battalion and was designated the 729th Light Maintenance Company (later named the 2729th Maintenance Company).  In 1976 the unit was redesignated yet again as Company D, 58th support Battalion, performing maintenance support duties for Maryland’s 58th Infantry Brigade.

With the reactivation of the 29th Division (Light) in 1985, the current 729th Maintenance Battalion was served as the division maintenance battalion for the 29th Infantry Division (Light).  The unit was shared between the Maryland and Virginia Army National Guard.  The Headquarters and Main Support Company and Company C were based in Maryland (Hagerstown, MD and Woodensburg, MD respectively).

The Headquarters and Main Support Company has been associated with the city of Hagerstown for over 75 years.  It evolved from Company B, 1st Maryland Infantry.  During both World Wars, it fought as part of the 115th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Division.

On D-Day, 6 June 1944, Company B landed on Omaha Beach and helped the 115th gain a Presidential Distinguished Unit Citation.

In 1959, the outfit became a tank unit when it was reorganized and redesignated Company B, 1st Medium Tank Battalion, 115th Armor.  However, it reconverted back to infantry in 1965 when it became part of Company A, 1st Battalion, 115th Infantry.

The unit gained its present designation in 1985 upon the reactivation of the 29th Infantry Division (Light).


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