National Officers – Elected and Installed for 2023 – 2024

National Commander: Richard Snyder
National Vice Commander: Jimmy Kilbourne
National Finance Officer: Richard Carr
National Chaplain: Joel Jenkins
National Surgeon: Dr. Howard Bond
National Historian: Edmund D. “Rick” Potter
National Judge Advocate: Michael Comeau

Appointed Officers

National Executive Director: Frank Armiger
Assistant to the National Executive Director: William S. Mund, Jr.
National Adjutant: Charles “Buddy” Faulconer
National Futures Committee Chair:  Jimmy Kilbourne (temporary)

Editor/Publisher The Twenty-Niner: William S. Mund, Jr.
Assistant Editor/Publisher The Twenty-Niner: Frank Armiger
Assistant National Finance Officer:  Tom Knight
Chaplain Emeritus:  Reverend John Schildt
Historian Emeritus:  Joseph Balkoski

Post Locations and Descriptions

Florida Post 2 – Sarasota, FL  email Post
Virginia Post 5 – Norfolk, VA.  email Post
Virginia Post 29 – Richmond, VA email Post
Maryland Post 48 – Westminster, MD email Post
Virginia Post 64 – Roanoke, VA email Post
Maryland Post 1-72 – Baltimore, MD email Post
Maryland Post 78 – Frederick, MD email Post
Maryland Post 85 – Northeastern Maryland email Post
Maryland Post 88 – Eastern Shore, Delaware, and Maryland email Post
Post 93 – Worldwide email Post
Maryland Post 94 – Silver Spring, MD email Post
Maryland Post 110 – Pikesville, MD email Post
Virginia Post 116
 – Staunton, VA email Post
Pennsylvania Post 175 – Pennsylvania

Maryland Post 729 – Waynesboro, PA email Post

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