The 29th Infantry Division is one of America’s most illustrious military units. It participated in the U.S. Army’s supreme operation of both World Wars: The Omaha Beach invasion of D-Day in 1944 and the great Meuse-Argonne offensive in 1918.

The 29th Division Association is an organization dedicated to keeping the history of the 29th Infantry Division alive. The Association is open to anyone devoted to that purpose including veterans, their descendants, currently serving 29ers, and all those inspired by the Blue and Gray Division.

29th Division in World War II       |      29th Division Unit Histories

Before that, the militia units comprising the 29th Division had performed valorous service in all of America’s wars, from the renowned “Maryland 400” at the Battle of Long Island in 1776 to the “Stonewall Brigade” in the Civil War.  

After landing on D-Day, the division captured St. Lo during the Normandy Campaign and then fought through France, Holland and Germany until VE Day in 1945.

Aside from a 17-year hiatus between 1968 and 1985, the 29th Division has existed continuously since 1917 as a component of the National Guard. Its nickname, the “Blue and Gray Division,” derives from the lineage of its constituent militia regiments, which fought on opposite sides during the Civil War.

The 29th Division had a year long deployment in America’s fight against the Islamic State.

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