The National D-Day Memorial Foundation

A written and pictorial description of the memorial dedicated to all allied forces who participated in the invasion of the
Normandy coast in 1944.

Normandy Allies

Organized with a mission to provide scholarly research and multimedia publication of the history of Normandy and the military units involved during the invasion and further campaigns of 1944.

The National Association of Landing Craft Infantry

The home page of the National Association of Landing Craft Infantry

The 29th Division WWII Living History group

The 29th Division WWII Living History group, not to be confused with the English and French counterparts, is US-based in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. They are dedicated to preserving the history and legacy of the 29th Infantry Division of WWII through our participation in living history events.

A multitude of military-related information and links.

This international site supplies very interesting photographs and other information relating to the D-Day landing in Normandy.

Maps and photographs of military interest covering Omaha Beach, Normandy, Utah Beach as well as the South of England.

Link to an article pertaining to the mass mobilization of troops on D-Day.

American Hero, the memoirs of 29er, Staff Sergeant Leonard Jindra, were published in October 2014.

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