The Association’s 104th Anniversary Reunion & Convention

The 104th Annual Convention of the 29th Division Association will convene 14-16 October 2022 in the neighborhood of Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, home installation of our historic Division. Please note this is a change from our original dates! This will allow us to include the Headquarters, 29th Division and subordinate units in our festivities since this will be their monthly drill weekend.

The change gives us the opportunity to welcome home MG John Rhodes and members of the Division. They will have recently returned from their historic command tour of Operation Spartan Shield in Kuwait. It was there, shortly after activation, they were thrust into critical support to Afghanis’ fleeing the Taliban takeover of their country. There will obviously be a great deal they can share with us about their tour experiences.

The gathering will not only be our Annual Convention, it will also be a reunion, telling our historical story to include events since reactivation in 1985. We are counting on many of our former Commanding Generals to attend, along with their CSMs and key staff, to discuss their years leading the Division. This will create the opportunity for a fascinating historical symposium.

We are negotiating rooms at the Embassy Suites Hotel just off of I-95, Springfield, Virginia and on Ft. Belvoir. We are planning a welcome reception at the nearby National Museum of the United States Army nearby. The museum will be open all day at no charge to Conference/Reunion attendees. When the Museum closes at 1700, we will assemble at the Memorial Wall outside for the unveiling of the 29th Division plaque before returning inside for a hosted welcome reception.

There are so many event possibilities. For example, there’s nearby Mt. Vernon, military monuments and memorials in the Nation’s Capital a short bus ride away, the opportunity to visit historic Ft. Belvoir and the Division Headquarters, perhaps even a formation and much more.

-Ted Shuey, National Commander

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