Silver Spring Post 94 is a unique post in that most of its members are spread throughout the United States. Because of this, we have no meetings or events at this time.

Some of the extra funds that we collect with our dues are donated to the 29th Division Association National Headquarters to help support the publication of the Twenty-Niner, thus making Post 94 the No.1 contributor to that publication.

We encourage all posts to support the funding of this publication as well.

For many years PNC Donald McKee has been the motivator and caretaker of this post. Just recently Don has decided to step back due to advanced age.

Jay Garrison and William Mund are now the individuals involved in the daily administration of the post. We thank Don for his many years of service to Post 94, the Twenty-Niner and the 29th Division Association in general.

We are now offer our members and perspective new members the option of paying their annual dues with the use of a debit or credit card through PayPal.

To do so, just click on the button below marked “Donation”.

In the purpose block and amount box please submit at least $10 for dues, any extra funds you may wish to donate will be used to support the publication of the Twenty-Niner and help with the cost of Post 94 administration expenses.

Our overseas members are especially encouraged to use this PayPal option to simplify the currency exchange process.

Post Commander: Jay Garrison
Vice Commander: PNC Donald McKee
Adjutant & Finance Officer: William Mund


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