The 29th Division was formed in 1917, utilizing a “Symbol of Unity and Peace” as its shoulder patch, recognizing the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the United States Army,

In signing this petition, I believe the Congressional Naming Commission has overreached in their consideration to remove the blue and gray patch of unity, simply because it includes the color gray.  

Veterans of World War II proudly wear the 29th Division patch today and any change would dishonor their service. A survey of the 2,500 soldiers serving in the 29th Division today found complete support to retain their historical shoulder insignia, currently proudly worn.

The Commission has not presented an estimated cost to the taxpayers to replace the 29th Infantry Division patch, which would include the cost of design of a new patch, removal of the patch from the existing inventory, removal from historic monuments in the United States & Europe, plaques and other representations of the 29th Infantry Division.  This includes removal from all media, to include movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” and videos of combat action in World War II where the patch is prominently displayed.

In signing this petition, I ask that the Naming Commission end their consideration of removing  the 29th Division’s historic shoulder patch and make no recommendation regarding it to the Department of Defense or the United States Congress.    

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