At the last NEC the Commander directed that a few individuals look at the possibility of establishing an online store to make purchasing of Association items easier and more accessible.

We spoke with several organizations about how their online store works, who they use for the store and other information to ensure we were not going down a path that was not going to be beneficial to the Association.

Based on our reviews and discussions we are currently working with USA Printwear, a local company owned and operated by a 29er and his wife and also whom we have made purchases from in the past.

At this time until the concept is briefed and approved at the next NEC we have requested that our TEST online store be opened with limited items available for purchase.

One of the items currently available is the NEW baseball hat which we have selected to be the “official” 29th Division Association hat to be worn anytime but especially at meetings, gatherings, etc. where the formal military style hat is not required.

At this time, you can get to the store in one of two ways. First, on the 29th Division Association website you click on the link where you see the new hat. Click on the link and you will be taken to our new TEST online store.

The other way you can get to the TEST online store is by going to:

The cost of each item shown does not include tax and shipping which will be added during the checkout process.

Keep in mind this is only a test at this time.

Tom Knight
National Finance Officer

Association Tests New Online Store
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