Dear Member/Friend of the 29th Division Association,

It has been 104 years since the 29th was constituted for WWI and 80 years since it was activated for WWII. Over that span of years, the Annual Reunion and Convention has been held 101 times. Sadly, last year (2020) was the first time the event was not held, principally due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the associated public health measures in place across the nation.

The Souvenir Program Book is a time-valued commemorative of the event, is a great way to reach out to fellow members and friends of the Association, and it is an important source of funding to support the costs of holding the Reunion and Convention. We thank you so very much for the support you have given the 29th Division Association in past years. We ask you either once again or for your first time for your support as we celebrate our 102nd Annual Reunion and Convention.

Whether you are a past contributor or are considering it for the first time, we encourage you to join with us and become a part of this event by purchasing an ad/entry in our Souvenir Program Book.

Several options are available, and they can be found by clicking here. Even though our costs have recently increased, we are continuing to hold your cost to the same as that over the past several years. The addition of the full page color option for the 2019 Book proved very popular, and it leads our list of options.

Click to see the complete Souvenir Program Book from 2019. Please peruse at your leisure. A hard copy of this book is given to all attendees at our convention and a copy mailed to all those who place an ad 1/8th of a page or larger.

So as you begin to make your preparations to attend our National Convention, the opportunity to honor your loved ones, friends and comrades returns while helping to support the Association staging the event. We appreciate your generosity in helping make this a memorable occasion. The deadline for ads/entry is 1 October 2021. Click to download the form.

See you in Gettysburg in October!


National Commander

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